Activities & Attractions

Activities & Attractions

Marmala Waterfall

Marmala Waterfall, situated along the Erattupetta course is one of the best places to visit in Vagamon. A place as immaculate and untainted as Vagamon itself, Marmala is a 131′ cascade settled in the midst of thick greenery. Falling inside what is authoritatively a private bequest, the cascade was a dark spot even until a couple of years. The Marmala Waterfall is quick transforming into a standout amongst the most visited traveller puts in Vagamon.

Barren Hills

In spite of the fact that the name does not do a lot to catch the eye of the guests, the Barren Hills of Vagamon is a standout amongst the most luring spots to visit in Vagamon. Distinctive in each season, the slopes change from rich to uncovered as the cycle of season moves on. This is one place to be on the off chance that you need to encounter all the four seasons in Kerala.

Pine Forest

The primary spot to hit in Vagamon leaving all other vacationer puts in Vagamon out in the event that you are a backwoods darling is the Pine Forest. A mainstream shooting spot for motion picture producers, this inadequate wood is initially a synthetic one. Made amid the British Raj, the backwoods still stands overlooking the captivating valley. The Maramala Falls and this are the twin most prominent attractions of Vagamon.

Vagamon Lake

The Vagamon Lake is a terrific touring area inside the fringes of this town. An ideal partner to this rest, calm town of Kerala, the lake is circumscribed by bumpy rises that are dressed in verdant greenery. The Vagamon Lake is definitely not a gigantic one however is sufficiently huge for sailing, paddling, and comparable water exercises. It’s one of the most noteworthy appraised Vagamon places of interest.

Thangal Para

It is considered as a standout amongst the most hallowed spots for Muslim travellers around this zone. A little supplication focus has been built for the explorers and sightseers. An extremely quiet place for the explorers and vacationers. It is extremely fascinating to stroll over the slopes.

Green Meadows

This is a standout amongst the most notable spots to visit in Vagamon. Situated in the Vagamon Elappara course, the glades are novel for its unfathomability and magnificence. The green lavish knolls like velvet is a typical spot for film shooting for the south Indian motion picture producers. There are couple of regions where it requests a passage expense. The view from the slope top is impeccable and stunning.


Kurisumala is a standout amongst the most prominent places of interest in Vagamon. Typical shoes are not suggested for trekking here. Trekking shoes will be a decent choice. Generally it can take up to 45 mins to achieve the tough which is relatively 1.5 kilometers. The trek won’t be a simple one as there are a lot of rocks. Since it is a pioneer put, its supporters originate from different piece of the nation to scale the slopes with wooden crosses.

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

Found 10km far from Vagamon, Ulipooni compensates for an ideal excursion spot. It is far from the uproarious horde of the city, you may get the chance to spot wild animals here. It is a serene sentimental goal, a great place to go through multi day with your family or mate.